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Ten Eyck Group Blog: the millennial minute

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By: Greg Barcomb In almost every profession there are certain “buzz words” or phrases that everyone hears or uses on an almost daily basis.  Most of the time they involve some crucial aspect of the business and seem to spark endless debates amongst colleagues. READ MORE >>

By: Greg Barcomb The following blog is the 1st part of a series of posts focusing on the different aspects and terms of an insurance policy.  The worst time to try and figure out what’s in your insurance policy is after a loss. READ MORE >>

By Greg Barcomb Some call it a side hustle, or a start-up, or a side project….but at some point we are talking about a business.  From Facebook in a dorm at Harvard, or Apple in a garage in California, some of the largest companies in the world started out with an idea and a dream. READ MORE >>

By Greg Barcomb There is a BIG difference between having insurance and managing risk.  Not sure what I mean?  Here’s an example:  you purchase a new car and in order to drive it off the lot in NY you need to have proof of insurance- so you buy an insurance policy.  You now have insurance! READ MORE >>

By Greg Barcomb Technology is changing the world around us.  From technology in our cars communicating with the car in front to keep a safe distance to technology turning video games into virtual reality worlds!  (Did you evet get told “don’t sit too close to the TV”, as a kid? READ MORE >>

By Greg Barcomb When I was growing up and thought of “insurance”, I envisioned an outdated business with outdated people doing something that someday wouldn’t be around because something new and better would make it obsolete.  Basically I thought insurance was like a floppy disk. READ MORE >>

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